Friday, October 1, 2010

Mac OS X 10.4 support is going the way of the dodo

Just a quick note to people who may still be using Sigil on Tiger: 0.2.4 was the last version to feature support  for that operating system. Why? Many reasons. Let’s start with a  few:

  • Sigil 0.3.0 will use Qt 4.7, and Nokia is slowly discontinuing support for Carbon with this release. It’s still there, but it’s second-tier.
  • So far, Sigil was offered in 32bit versions for PPC and Intel architectures on Mac (as a universal binary). I want to provide 64bit versions, and for that I need to use the Cocoa version of Qt, which doesn’t exist for Tiger.
  • From site statistics, about 4.5% of all Mac users of Sigil use Tiger. 73% use Snow Leopard. These people would like explicit 64 bit support, and could certainly put it to good use. As previously reported, Sigil runs about 10% faster on such architectures.

There are a few other reasons.

In short, this is the right way to go. I know some people will be seriously pissed off at this, but I have to think about the majority of the users. Sigil 0.2.4 will be indefinitely available for download on the project site (as with all versions of Sigil), so you can always just continue using that.